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Seated Posture Corrector - Lower Back Support Brace

Immediate Back Relief & Support 

The PostureSling Support Brace provides unrivaled lower back support.  It anchors against your knees and pulls your lower back straight.   This provides immediate lower back relief and support . It's a life saver for anyone sitting for extended periods of time like office workers, students or gamers!  
Comfort On The Go
The Bodytek Posture Sling is extremely compact & light.  Each one comes with a carry case so that you can easily bring it with you to the office or on trips.  
Easy Set Up!
Start sitting straight in just a few seconds.  The BodyTek Sling easily slips on in just a few steps.  

Ease back pain
15 minutes a day
Make every chair ergonomic

Don't Wait
Your body is important.  Health is wealth.  You deserve to feel good.  Don't wait till later to invest in a product that can make you feel instantly better and drastically improve your quality of life.



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