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Deluxe Travel Pillow

Do you enjoy traveling the world or do you know someone who does? Then this pillow is absolutely perfect! On orders of 2 or more items, faster shipping will be used whenever possible!

I'm sure you've tried all variety of "U-Shaped" travel pillows, but maybe that's just not enough support?  Do you travel and want to arrive at your destination, refreshed and well rested?

You need the Deluxe Travel Pillow

    • ULTIMATE IN COMFORT: The Deluxe Travel Pillow leverages an innovate design that supports a forward facing sleep position. This allows a level of stability that is near impossible to achieve with the u-shaped pillow. 

    • REDUCES BACK STRAIN: The Deluxe Travel Pillow provides support in the forward sleeping position so you don't have to over extend your back to sleep on the meal tray or curled over in your lap.

    • SUPPORTS FOUR UPRIGHT SLEEPING POSITIONS: Don't like sleeping facing forward? That's just fine! The Deluxe Travel Pillow adapts to your sleeping habits and can support up to four upright sleeping positions.

    • RAPID INFLATE/DEFALTE: The high-capacity valve allows this travel pillow to inflate and deflate within seconds.

If you're getting ready for a long trip on a plane, train, bus or car and want a chance to get some rest, you need this pillow!

Click Add To Cart while you can! There is very limited stock left. On orders of 2 or more items, faster shipping will be provided free of charge whenever possible!